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ACAIA Pearl Scale

Highly regarded digital coffee scale known for its precision and advanced features, making it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts and professionals.

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More About ACAIA Pearl Scale

Enjoy features like the built-in Flow-Rate Indicator, USB-C charging, and a brighter display for better sunlight readability.

  • Real-Time Flow-Rate Indicator: This feature helps you control your pouring speed to achieve optimal extraction.
  • Fast and Responsive: With a 20ms response time, the scale provides quick and accurate measurements, essential for perfect coffee brewing.
  • Optimized Sunlight Readability: The adjustable brightness of the display ensures clear visibility in various lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors.
  • USB Type-C Rechargeable: The built-in lithium battery offers 30-40 hours of use per charge, providing a greener power solution.
  • Multiple Brewing Modes: Designed to suit different brewing styles, the Pearl Scale includes various modes like Dual Display Mode and Auto-Start Timer Mode.


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