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Coffee Omakase by Kona Coffee Roasters

Omakase, in Japanese, means 'I’ll leave it up to you,' and is commonly associated with a prix fixe menu for sushi. Our Coffee Omakase allows you to try the best of the best, at the barista’s recommendation.

With coffee omakases, we want you to experience the same thoughtful curation, serving unique coffee beverages that highlight the distinct flavors of Kona coffee. While we currently do not offer this unique experience, we are diligently preparing to bring it to you soon.

Get Ready for a Coffee Adventure

A coffee omakase is the antithesis to the conventional coffee tasting experience. Traditional coffee tastings, or cuppings, use a standard brewing method to streamline the process of tasting and comparing different coffees. We wanted to break out of that conventional format and redefine coffee tasting by offering a more curated and experimental experience. Our omakase demonstrates the diverse range of coffee as an ingredient and maximizes the variety of ways to enjoy it.

Expect nothing standard at our coffee omakase. From the format of the event to the expertly brewed coffees, everything is designed to provide a unique experience. You'll have one-on-one time with a barista who can answer questions about coffee, the courses, and our business. The coffees you will be served are specially sourced and uniquely prepared, showcasing our commitment to bending the rules and creating a brand-new coffee experience.

More Info

Coffee Omakase Menu

Course 01: Nitro Cascara Tea
An introductory course and palate primer for the coffees to come, a tea brewed with the peel of the coffee cherry. Cold brewed cascara tea infused with nitro, served alongside fresh peaches, honey, and lemon.

Course 02: Iced Natural Coffee
Explore the unique flavors of naturally processed coffee. Iced Ethiopia Quantit (Black Cherry, Strawberry, Lavender), brewed using a pour over technique.

Course 03: Virgin Espresso Ma'o-Tini
Experience a unique espresso drink distinct from the typical formats of americanos and lattes. Espresso made with Ma'o Hau Hele from Kona, house-made cascara simple syrup, egg white, and orange zest, shaken over ice.

Course 04: Syphon Peaberry
Taste the crown jewel of Kona coffee while learning about the unique mechanics of how a Syphon regulates water temperature. Hot Peaberry coffee from Kona (Licorice, Dried Apricots, Hint of Bergamot).

Course 05: Shiso Fromage Blanc Mousse
The perfect end to an omakase — dessert! In collaboration with local French-Japanese dessert bar Patisserie Fouet. Raspberry mousse and shiso jelly wrapped in fromage mousse, a white chocolate glaze, on top of a streusel cookie.

Take-Home Coffee Beans (+5)
As a special treat, take home a box of our house blend Lū'au.

Hours, Party Size, and Price

Hours: Reservation Only

Party Size: Each private session allows for a maximum party size of 6 people for an intimate setting and personal interaction with a barista. Great for a small groups, or a cute date.

Duration: 90 - 120 minutes

Content: Five-course tasting menu, featuring 3 different coffees, and 4 brewing methods. Led by an experienced barista from Kona Coffee.

Price: $48 per person
This is a reservation-only event, we are asking for a non-refundable reservation fee of $20 per session. This will be credited towards your final check at the end of your omakase session.

About the Coffees

All coffees are responsibly sourced through our sourcing partners Bellwether Roaster, and roasted in-store. Find more information on the coffees here.

Health and Safety Concerns

Our coffee omakase is an in-person experience, and the health and safety of both our customers and our baristas are of paramount importance. You will receive a personal indoor section at our cafe for your entire party. To provide this unique experience safely, we will be enforcing the following guidelines:

  • A maximum party number of 6 people to prevent overcrowding.
  • A maximum dining time of 120 minutes.


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