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What is Kona Coffee?

100% Kona Coffee is unlike any other coffee. Known for its floral, citrusy, and nutty flavors, it is one of the most expensive and rarest coffee beans in the world, for good reason. Read on to learn more about this special coffee and why we love it so much.

The Real Deal Behind Kona Coffee Blends

Kona blends are not 100% Kona coffee. Kona blends are typically 10% Kona coffee, and 90% split among beans from other countries (i.e. Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala), which makes it harder to isolate the nuanced flavors of Kona coffee. Kona blends were created to be more accessible and affordable, since 100% Kona coffee is more premium in price. If you want a true taste of Kona coffee, 100% Kona coffee is the way to go. 
Note: Coffee beans may state that they’re Kona roast, or Kona style - which most likely contains 0% Kona coffee. Be a smart consumer, and know what you’re purchasing.

Here at Kona Coffee Roasters, we source our beans directly from Kona (Big Island, Hawaii), and closely work with our farmers to ensure quality and consistency. Everything is grown and harvested in Hawaii, and then freshly roasted in NYC at our shop for the best flavors. Our coffee offerings include a Kona blend, and 100% Kona Coffee (Peaberry and Ma’o). We hope that you’ve learned a bit more about Kona coffee, and join us in our appreciation for this special coffee.


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