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100% Kona Coffee | Single Origin | 300g(10.6oz)
Tasting notes: Peach, Honey, Bergamot, Jasmine and Cherry

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More About Ka'u

Origin: Ka’u, Hawai’i
Varietal: Typica
Elevation: 1750-1800 masl
Process: Natural

Grown in neighboring regions of Kona, Ka’u has vastly different climates, coffee varieties, and even processing practices. While Kona is more well-known, both regions have earned state, national and global awards for the high quality coffee they produce. Compared with other Hawaiian coffees, Ka'u coffees often have bright fruit-like flavors, making it ideal for light roast coffee.

The Ka’u natural is a wonderfully rich and complex coffee, tiered with round, fruit-forward notes and exquisite aromatics. We are quite fond of the lighter registers that showcased notes of merlot, strawberries, and a balanced brightness.


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